Meet Your Graduate Admission Counselor

Sally Hillman Redman

Sally Hillman Redman

Associate Director of Graduate Admission
s [dot] redman [at] usciences [dot] edu

Sally works with the following graduate programs:

Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Writing, Chemistry, MBA in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacognosy.

Sally's advice for students applying to graduate school:

First, do your research on the different areas of study. For example, know the difference between a Ph. D. in Pharmaceutics and a Pharm. D. degree. Second, apply for the entry term when you really plan to start. Third, only apply to one graduate degree at USciences; our faculty appreciate a focused student!

Sally's favorite thing about USciences:

Our students! I am inspired by their passion for graduate studies. They want to make a difference in their field. They also are a wonderful community for each other. Our Graduate Student Organization (GSO) helps students in different graduate programs get to know each other and have fun together!

Sally's favorite things about Philadelphia:

Philadelphia has so much to offer! I love the restaurants, the theatres, and the neighborhoods. My husband and I have a subscription to the Walnut Street Theatre, which is said to be the oldest continuously operating theatre in the United States! Philadelphia is a city made up of fascinating neighborhoods; I love going to the farmer's market in University City, strolling through the numerous events in Rittenhouse Square, and sampling the food shops in the Italian Market.

Interesting facts about Sally:

Sally describes herself as “a higher education nomad.” She has attended, lived on, or worked for ten colleges, universities, and medical schools throughout the United States. The list includes locations in Pennsylvania, Texas, Delaware, North Carolina, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. She has been on college campuses since 1972!!

Fun fact about Sally:

She is passionate about body surfing and boogie boarding.

Justin Williams

Justin Williams

Assistant Director of Graduate Admission
j [dot] williams [at] usciences [dot] edu

Justin works with the following graduate programs:

Brewing Science, Cancer Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biotechnology, Health Policy, Health Psychology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Pharmacy Administration

Justin's advice for students applying to graduate school:

If you are seeking a research degree, I recommend first viewing the program faculty page, where research specialties are provided. If you are seeking a professional degree like an MPH, for example, I suggest reviewing the curriculum to make sure your interests align with our focus. My second recommendation is to contact the program director and have a conversation about where your interests and our degree intersect; this will help to ensure you choose the right degree at USciences.

Justin's favorite thing about USciences:

The faculty. There is so much expertise here across such a wide variety of subjects that it is both an exciting and humbling experience to work amongst such respected individuals. Our faculty are industry experts, in many cases known internationally, and several hold patents for their work.

Justin's favorite things about Philadelphia:

Being a native Philadelphian, there is too much for me to list! But at the top of that list would definitely be the food! There are restaurants in nearly every style you can imagine, and many neighborhoods hold their own “restaurant week”, giving you an opportunity to both try something new and explore a new section of the city. And speaking of sections, the city is very walkable despite its size. I encourage you to explore to find your favorite neighborhood!

Interesting fact about Justin:

Not only is Justin from the Philadelphia area, he is also an alumnus of USciences, having graduated from the undergraduate Microbiology program. Very passionate about the University, he is continuing his studies in USciences' MBA in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business program.

Fun fact about Justin:

Justin goes cycling on Philadelphia's many bike trails every weekend.