Transferring Credits

Your program's director may accept didactic and/or research credit from other institutions in transfer or may grant credit by examination. Graduate students may transfer up to 12 graduate level credits from other institutions to be applied toward a graduate degree at University of the Sciences.

When an appropriate course has been taken at another accredited institution with a "B-" or higher grade, the Program Director, with the approval of your program's Dean, may grant credit for the course. While these courses will be credited toward the minimum degree requirements, the grade earned in the transferred course is not used in the computation of your cumulative grade point average at USciences.

Credit for Relevant Life Experience and Examinations

You may also be eligible to receive credit for relevant life experience or examinations. These credits are determined by the Program Director with the approval of your program's Dean.

Prior learning assessment, transfer, and examination credits are limited to a combined total of 12 credits. A maximum of 12 additional credits of course work taken at USciences prior to matriculation is also allowed to count toward the minimum degree requirements for your graduate program at USciences.

Credits Earned through Proficiency Examinations

The Program Director, with the approval of the Dean, may also grant credit toward the minimum degree requirements by giving you appropriate proficiency examinations. The examinations and the criteria for granting credit by examination are established by members of the graduate faculty within your department and program.

Eligibility of Transferred Courses

All transferred courses, whether taken at USciences or another institution, must be directly applicable to your program of study, or an appropriate elective, and must not have been used to meet minimum requirements for your undergraduate or first-professional degree.

You may report information about transfer credit and credit by examination by using the appropriate form, available in the Graduate Admissions Office. An official transcript may also be required with the approval of your program's Dean.


For additional information, please contact your graduate enrollment counselor by phone at 215.596.8810 (toll free: 888-996-8747) or by email at graduate [at] usciences [dot] edu.