Biochemistry Graduate Programs: Earn a PhD or MS in Biochem

Biochemistry links chemistry and living organisms—and an advanced degree in this growing field from University of the Sciences can link students to challenging, rewarding careers.

Strong competition among drug companies to serve an aging population is spurring scientific research in the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing sectors. This means lucrative positions with the FDA, NIH, research laboratories, universities, and leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our master’s and doctoral degree programs focus on broad-based training that gives you even more of a competitive career edge. A rich curriculum covers what you need to know in this evolving field, including:

  • Molecular biology
  • Cell biology methods
  • Computational biochemistry
  • Physical and advanced biochemistry
  • Plant biochemistry and tissue culture
  • Biochemical genetics
  • Applied spectroscopy

Coursework is reinforced by hands-on opportunities and individual attention from expert instructors and researchers from many departments of the university.

Education Tailored to Your Needs

Pursue a program that matches your interests and ambitions, choosing among specialties in analytical, organic, computational, or physical chemistry and pharmacognosy. You can choose from a master’s non-thesis or thesis degree program or a doctoral degree program. We offer an integrated BS/MS or BS/PhD degree program where you can obtain a graduate degree in less time than a traditional degree program.

In addition, you benefit from our flexible full- and part-time scheduling, including late afternoon and evening classes designed to accommodate traditional and nontraditional students.