Bioinformatics Program Requirements & Standards

The requirements for the master's degree are designed with a balanced emphasis on both basic science (biology and biochemistry) and computing, with special focus on the special programming skills most needed in today's pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Prerequisites for Admission

To be eligible for admission to any graduate program, you must hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college, or be currently enrolled in an undergraduate/first-professional degree program at the University and be fluent in both spoken and written English. More specifically, applicants to the bioinformatics program should have a BS or BA in life science, chemistry, or computer science.

In addition, please take note that international student applications for the bioinformatics program are only considered for fall admission.

Independent Project

A key requirement of the master's degree is the completion of an independent project over a period of two semesters. Here, you will take primary responsibility for a practical programming problem in bioinformatics, typically the creation of software needed to fulfill a specific, real-life need.

This independent work will be conducted at the site of an industrial or academic partner of the Bioinformatics Program, providing you with invaluable experience far beyond the level of a typical course or term project.

Ideally, you would work closely with one or more industry or university scientists in defining the problem to be addressed and then work independently in devising and implementing a solution, preferably using a modern Web-based approach.