Biomedical Writing Program Requirements & Standards

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia is the only university that offers an MS degree (non-thesis) in Biomedical Writing. The curriculum is frequently updated to ensure that students are provided with a broad and relevant core curriculum and innovative elective courses. Our faculty are all active professionals in the medical writing field or allied fields.

Prerequisites for Admission:

To be eligible for admission to any graduate program, you must hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college, or be currently enrolled in an undergraduate/first-professional degree program at the University and be fluent in both spoken and written English. Students with a strong interest or background in medical writing are encouraged to apply to the biomedical writing program. You may apply for admission, or enroll in individual courses and must be fluent in both spoken and written English.

Program Design

The schedule of courses meets the needs of working professionals living anywhere in the world with internet access. We offer courses during the spring, summer, and fall. You may complete the Master of Science or Certificate of Biomedical Writing part- or full-time. Classes are offered asynchronously or with synchronous elements (via webinar or other live online delivery methods). Synchronous course elements are held in the evenings or on weekends. Classes are small and average 6-10 students, which permits individual instruction and attention. You can take up to 12 credits before you'll need to matriculate.

Certificate Programs

We offer 2 certificate programs. Certificate in Marketing Writing focuses on publications and Certificate in Regulatory Writing focuses on preparing documents for initial and continuing approval of therapies.

These certificates are designed for practicing professional medical writers who want to advance in their careers or acquire further training and credentialing in the biomedical writing field. Each certificate program can be completed part-time in 8 months and requires a B average in 4 courses, each 3 credit hours. Certificate coursework may be applied toward the MS degree. Click here to access the Gainful Employment Program Disclosure for these certificates.

MS Degree

The MS degree requires a total of 12 courses (8 of which are required, plus 4 electives), providing instruction in the basic skills all professional medical writers should have. Electives allow students to focus their interests on regulatory or nonregulatory writing.