Message from the Director

Danny A. Benau Danny A. Benau, PhD
Director for Biomedical Writing Graduate Programs

Effective medical writers take data that they have either created or received and convert them to information and knowledge for communication to appropriate audiences. To be effective, medical writers must be more than medical transcribers; they must be part of the checks and balances on the transmission of information on therapies and medical issues. The online Biomedical Writing Programs teach students to become effective medical writers who can create and modify pharmaceutical industry-specific documents. We will teach you content, documentation, writing and editing for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, advertising agencies, clinical sites, or professional societies.

The need for medical writers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is greater than the number of available qualified medical writers. Since 1997 we have educated over 500 professionals. We have conferred 50 with the Master of Science in Biomedical Writing. Our graduates work in management in the pharmaceutical industry or running small and large freelance medical writing businesses.

Our students have diverse backgrounds. Some are professionals with advanced degrees in scientific fields; others have degrees and careers in healthcare or journalism. USciences graduate students in other majors are also encouraged to take our courses.

Contact us if you would like to participate in our public seminars.