Brewing science school certificate program

Brewing Science Certificate

Turn your passion for brewing into an exciting, highly rewarding career. Our Brewing Science Certificate program prepares you to excel in a rapidly growing field—where specialized skills are now in high demand.

America’s craft brewing industry is soaring. Production grew 18% by volume and 22% by sales in 2014. Microbreweries are more prevalent now than ever, with over 150 in the mid-Atlantic region.

Combined, America’s breweries account for over 110,000 jobs—the best of which require formal, completed training in brewing science

Why USciences?

Good beer doesn’t happen by accident. Brewing is a science. And nobody knows science better than we do. 

We’re uniquely positioned to offer the mid-Atlantic region’s first Brewing Science Certificate—and with it a direct pathway to employment and career advancement.

Our post-baccalaureate, 18-credit program delves deep into the biology, chemistry, physics, and math of creating the perfect pint of beer. You will benefit from a team teaching model that combines USciences faculty and facilities with experts from the brewing industry. This exposes you to:

  • Practical information and techniques
  • Valuable industry connections  
  • Hands-on experience in a cutting-edge on-site pilot brew lab

Keeping your schedule in mind, we offer flexibility with evening classes and a 1+ or 2+ year(s) path to coursework completion. Following your course completion, you will participate in an internship with one of our exceptional local brewery partners.

Tap into a golden career opportunity. Apply today!

Application Dates

Domestic Students

  • Fall deadline is August 1

International Students

  • Fall deadline is March 1