Message from the Director of the Brewing Science Certificate Program

Matthew J. Farber, PhD

Matthew J. Farber, PhD
Program Director
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Biological Sciences

The brewing industry is booming. According to the Brewers Association, the U.S. opens about 1.5 breweries per day. If you’re interested in entering or advancing in this industry, the timing is perfect.

That’s why USciences created the Brewing Science Certificate Program. Demand has never been greater for trained professionals with a passion for this extraordinary work. Our program prepares you to build a rewarding career with the perfect blend of skills that today’s top brewers are looking for.

Our team teaching approach pairs USciences faculty with several industry experts for each course. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and experience while forming professional connections—putting you on a fast track to career growth. And you can do it all with evening classes to work around your busy schedule.

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Gained a full understanding of the science of brewing, from the raw materials and malting through packaging and basic brewery engineering
  • Practiced essential manufacturing and quality control methods during the production of a fermented beverage in the USciences pilot brewing lab
  • Developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills through inquiry-based projects
  • Gained hands-on experience through an internship at a local commercial brewery

At USciences, you can immerse yourself in a culture of fermentation science hallmarked by the 150+ breweries surrounding Philadelphia. You’ll learn from the very best at an institution known for preparing students for prosperous futures.

I look forward to brewing with you and furthering your career as well as the advancement of brewing science in our region.


Matthew J. Farber, PhD
Program Director