Cancer Biology PhD

Cancer Biology Program Overview

How do cancer cells survive and proliferate? What biochemical pathways spark cancer-causing viruses to awake and replicate? Around the world, researchers in academia and both the public and private sectors are grappling with these questions, among many others, finding answers, and moving closer to a cure.

The USciences-Wistar cancer biology graduate program gives you the comprehensive grounding you need to play a role in the fight against cancer.

This pioneering PhD program, the only one of its kind in the region, delivers an integrated training experience with faculty and researchers from both USciences and Wistar.

A Unique Multidisciplinary Program
The USciences-Wistar cancer biology program prepares you for successful career opportunities in academic, governmental, and industrial research. Our multidisciplinary curriculum combines the basic mechanisms of cancer biology and the translational aspects of cancer drug discovery, including intellectual property and commercialization.

Our students also benefit from exposure to faculty at the cutting edge of research on a variety of cancer diseases, as well as hands-on lab training in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a PhD in cancer biology from University of the Sciences—and be well prepared for a career in cancer research or drug discovery that helps move the fight against cancer forward.

Application Dates

Domestic Students

  • Fall priority review date is March 1 -- students seeking institutional funding should apply by this date
  • Fall final deadline is June 1

International Students

  • Fall priority review date is March 1 -- students seeking institutional funding should apply by this date
  • Fall application deadline is March 1