Message from the Directors

John Porter

John R. Porter, PhD
Program Director
Professor of Biology
Research Professor of Pharmacognosy
University of the Sciences

José R. Conejo-Garcia, MD, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies
The Wistar Institute

Over the past four decades, there have been numerous advances in the study of cancer. However, the fight against cancer continues—as does the need for skilled, well-prepared researchers in both academia and industry.

That’s why we are pleased to offer the USciences-Wistar cancer biology graduate program—designed to prepare you for an exciting career in cancer research.

This program provides a multidisciplinary approach to cancer, incorporating members from both institutions, for an educational and training opportunity that is unique to this region. Through basic and advanced courses and cutting-edge research projects that advance your understanding of cancer’s fundamental mechanisms, you will work with the finest researchers to uncover new targets aimed at improving cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

To enrich your experience, you will be learning in the vibrant heart of Philadelphia’s University City, which is also the center of the region’s pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This puts you close to leading researchers and innovators, like-minded peers, internships, externships, and career opportunities. In all ways, our program positions you well for a future in cancer research, drug discovery and other rewarding careers.

We are proud to codirect this program comprised of so many renowned and dedicated scientists. Our goal is to provide students with the best academic training complemented by the most novel and innovative approaches in cancer biology. We invite you to learn more about this one-of-a-kind cancer biology program—and hope you will join us here soon!