Leah Comeau, PhD

Leah Comeau, PhD

Leah Comeau PhD

Assistant Professor of Religion


BA, Syracuse University

MDiv, Duke University

MA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania


Dr. Comeau received her MA and PhD degrees in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Before studying at UPenn, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Syracuse University in 2001, and she continued her education at Duke University, earning a Master of Divinity in 2005. She holds graduate certificates in Feminist and Gender Studies from both Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Comeau’s current research is on shifting devotional aesthetics found in medieval Tamil Shaiva poetry. The focal point of this project is the ninth-century poem, Tirukkovaiyar, attributed to the renowned bhakti saint Manikkavacakar. Her other research interests include textuality and technology in South Indian temples, translation and performance of religious literatures, and the interplay between natural landscapes and religious expression more broadly.

At the University of the Sciences, Dr. Comeau teaches courses that address religious histories in India and Asia, religious literature, and gender and sexuality studies. She also teaches “Self and Other” in the Intellectual Heritage sequence.

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