Wendy W. Fox MOT, OTR/L

Wendy Fox

Wendy W. Fox MOT, OTR/L

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy


BA (Beaver)

MOT (USciences)


Occupational Roles

Mom, Daughter, Friend, Student, Occupational Therapist, Educator, Religious participant, Community Advocate, Horticulturalist, and a "Ms. Fix-It". 

Occupational History

Wendy Fox in RussiaWendy has always had a passion for learning. After a career as an industrial chemist, she attended USciences for graduate school. She is now pursuing her doctorate degree in Health Policy. "The 'change the world' dream will become a reality!!"  Wendy is a busy mom and community member splitting time between, neighborhood activities, elementary school events, and leisure fun.  She has an 8 year old daughter who someday wants to be a veterinarian. Wendy balances her life by having hobbies that are both relaxing and rewarding. Watching her orchids bloom takes care, timing, and most of all, patience!  Wendy's favorite thing to do is travel evidenced by her most recent vacation to Russia (brr!).  The next trip is currently "in the works!!"  Otherwise, Wendy likes to video chat with family and friends, barbeque, and enjoys the beach.

Wendy clinic background has prepared her to lead the Clinical Skills and Cognitive Interventions courses. She also teaches in the Rehabilitative Intervention and Assistive Technology courses. She co-leads the Management and Supervision course. Wendy also teaches at the undergraduate level in the Introduction to Occupational Therapy class


Wendy has a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Beaver College, a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Master of Occupational Therapy both from University of the Sciences.  She is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy program at USciences

Clinical Practice

Wendy’s practice as an occupational therapist has been very rich over the last twelve years.  She spent four years with Bryn Mawr Rehab (part of the Jefferson Health System) working primarily on the Traumatic Brain Injury unit and secondarily with the medically complex and stroke units. There, she also gained experience in work hardening, day treatment (TBI), and outpatient departments. Wendy has been with HCRManorCare since 2005 as a per diem therapist specializing in sub-acute rehab and longer term client care.  Prior to full time employment with USci, Wendy had been an adjunct instructor for four years.  She has recently partnered with the Geriatric Education Center of Philadelphia to educate on the matters of incontinence training by healthcare workers for elders adults.  Wendy hopes in the near future to partner with a health policy agency and use her therapy background to advocate for healthcare issues effecting elders in the surrounding Philadelphia area.

Clinical Practice & Research Interests:
Gerontology, Health Policy, Healthcare Advocacy, Reimbursement, and Scope of Practice.

Selected Scholarly Activity

Schemm,R., Fox,W., Dobry,L., Marass,L. (2012) USciences Research Day poster presentation. The Importance of Advocacy in Today’s Competitive Healthcare Environment: 4 Case Examples. Philadelphia, PA.

3/12 - Accepted Poster presentation at BlackBoard World Conference - July 2012. Topic:10 Ways to Use BlackBoard Technology to Prepare Students for Passing Exams in Higher Education. New Orleans, LA 

3/12 – Submitted proposal for Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference. The Classroom Fieldwork Experience: competency, reasoning, and identification. Lancaster, PA

2/12 – Geriatric Education Center of Greater Philadelphia. Co-authorship of teaching modules: Continence – a Matter of Dignity – Parts I & II

Fox,W., Riviello,J. (2001) Universal Precautions Education in OT Curriculums Across the United. American Occupational Therapy Association National Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Contact Information

Office location: 4501 Woodland Ave, Room 123
Mailing address: Box 8
University of Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495
Office Phone: 215.596.7343
Office Fax: 215.596.8690

w [dot] fox [at] usciences [dot] edu