Amy Jessop PhD, MPH

Amy Jessop PhD, MPH

Associate Professor of Health Policy and Public Health, Director of HepTREC, a center for viral hepatitis-related research and community engagement


BS Microbiology (The Pennsylvania State University)

MPH Epidemiology (The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)

PhD Health Studies (Temple University)


Dr. Jessop's work focuses on the prevention, screening and treatment of infectious diseases, particularly vaccine-preventable infections and viral hepatitis. She is a founder and Director of HepTREC, a center for health service research and community engagement located at USciences (

For more than 20 years, Dr. Jessop has worked as a community-engaged scholar to improve public health and train the next generation of public health and health policy professionals. She brings her professional experiences from medical research institutes, community-based agencies, corporations, hospital systems, public health departments, and institutions of higher education to enhance and inform her teaching, research, and community service.

Dr. Jessop’s research is focused in two major areas: (1) immunization policies and practices, and (2) viral hepatitis health services.  Recent immunization-related projects examined immunization registries laws and statutes, subspecialty physician immunization practices, readiness of VFC providers to implement vaccination recommendations, and Hispanic parents’ attitudes and beliefs about HPV vaccination of girls. Recent hepatitis-related projects examined infection prevention policies and practices in police departments, descriptive epidemiology of viral hepatitis in Philadelphia’s methadone maintenance programs, barriers to prevention and care for viral hepatitis, and identification of readiness factors for viral hepatitis treatment.

Dr. Jessop is a member of the Boards of Directors for community-based agencies including Prevention Point Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Immunization Coalition, and Hands for Life (an organization dedicated to improving the health and healthcare for residents of Kamakwie, Sierra Leone). She’s an advisor to the New Jersey Department of Health and a trainer and advisor to Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Selected Scholarly Activity

Hedden E, Jessop AB, Field RI. (2014) An education in contrast: State-by-state assessment of school immunization records requirements.  Am J Public Health 104 (1) – accepted April 26, 2014-

Jessop AJ, Del Buono F, Solomon G, Rogers J, Mullen-Fortino M. (2014) Are we protecting those who protect us? Occupational Medicine 64 (7) Accepted April 2014.

Ramirez M, Jessop AB, Leader A (2014) Acceptability of the HPV Vaccine Among Diverse Hispanic Mothers and Grandmothers: A Qualitative Pilot Study. Hispanic Healthcare International. 12 (1)

Jessop AB, Dumas H, Moser C. (2013) Influenza Vaccination of high-risk adults: influence of subspeciality physicians in Philadelphia, PA. American Journal of Medical Quality. 2013; 28(3): 232-237.

Hedden E, Jessop AB, Field RI. (2012) Childhood immunization reporting laws in the United States: Current status. Vaccine, 2012;30(49):7059-66.

Hedden E, Jessop AB, Field RI. (2012) Childhood Immunization Information System Exchange with Payers: State and Federal Policies. Journal of Managed Care Medicine. 2012;15(3): 11-18.

Jessop AB, Ahn, M.  (2010) Viral hepatitis epidemiology and screening policies and practices.  Abstract:  Hepatology. 52(S1):1292A–1340A.

Jessop AB, Burke M. (2010) Barriers to Viral Hepatitis Treatment for At-Risk Groups: Impact of Policies and Practices. Abstract: Hepatology 54(2) Suppl

Contact Information

Office location: 4101 Woodland Avenue Room 130
Mailing address: University of Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495
Office Phone: 215.596.7637

a [dot] jessop [at] usciences [dot] edu