Kenneth Leibowitz MA

Kenneth Leibowitz MA

Assistant Professor of Communication


BA (Rutgers University)

MA (West Virginia University)

Research Interests

Health Communication

Relational Communication

Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education


During his 30+ years at the University of the Sciences, Ken Leibowitz has conducted over 150 presentations, workshops and train-the-trainer sessions at national, state, and local professional meetings. Much of his work has focused on enhancing prescription and OTC medication counseling and assisting health care practitioners in addressing challenging patient encounters. He has been a consultant to numerous pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy associations, and health care organizations for research, policy, organizational development and professional education initiatives. Ken co-developed the National Patient Counseling Competition and has served as the On-Site Director of the competition at APhA-ASP meetings since 1985. As an institutional researcher for the University of the Sciences, Ken developed the University Factbook and conducted more than 50 studies including alumni and faculty surveys and general education outcomes investigations.

Selected Scholarly Activity

  • J. Harwood, K. Leibowitz, M. Lin, D. Morrow, N. Rucker, and M. Savundranayagam. “Communicating with Older Adults: An Evidenced-Based Review of What Really Works” (2012)
  • H. Meldrum, K. Leibowitz, L. White, and D. Wilson. “The Art of Active Listening Facilitator’s Guide” (2004)
  • P. Han, K. Leibowitz, and H. Meldrum. Assisting Self-Treating Patients Quickly and Effectively” (2003)
  • P. Andersen and K. Leibowitz. The Development and Nature of the Construct Touch Avoidance” (1990)
  • W. Rawmins, K. Leibowitz, and A. Bochner. “Affective and Instrumental Dimensions of Best, Equal, and Unequal Friendships” (1987)
  • H. Simons and K. Leibowitz. “Shifts in Candidate Images” (1978)

Contact Information

Office location: Kline Hall Room 218
Mailing address: Box 105
University of Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495
Office Phone: 215.596.8902

k [dot] leibow [at] usciences [dot] edu