Dina Patel

Dina Patel

Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics


PhD (Philadelphia Collge of Pharmacy and Science) BS (University of Bombay)

Selected Scholarly Activity

Farid, A., Patel, D., Smialkowski, P., Elliot, J., Dunleavy, D., Shorter, A., Stability of 10 mg/mL Solution and Lyophile Preparation of RHSZ19 (1994 Colorado Protein Stability Conference).
Patel, D., Lebo, D., Gupta, P., Protection of N-derivatized Chemotactic Peptide from Degradation by LLC-PK1 Cells (AAPS 1996)
Patel, D., Lebo, D., Gupta, P., Transport of Chemotactic Peptides in LLC-PK1 Cell Monolayers (AAPS 1996)
Patel, D., Gupta, P., Study of the Degradation of Met-Leu-Phe Peptides by MDCK Cell Monolayers (APPS, 1997)
Patel, D., Gupta, P., Study of the Effect of Peptide Charge on its Permeability through MKCK Cell Monolayer (AAPS, 1998)

Professional Information

Principal Research Scientist Process Science Centocor Inc.

Contact Information

Mailing address: University of Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495
Office Phone: 610.270.5626