Alexander Sidorenko PhD

Alexander Sidorenko PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry


MS (FrancoLviv State-Ukraine)

PhD (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

Research Interests

Synthesis of polymers and biopolymers

Design and modification of thin films

Nanostructured and hybrid (""smart"") materials


We perform interdisciplinary and application oriented fundamental research in cutting-edge directions of modern materials science. Our focus is on the fabrication and study of new “smart” materials with prospective applications spun from molecular electronics to bioengineering, which typically takes advantage of Supramolecular Assembly technology, or SMA.

SMA is a branch of material science in which new materials can be synthesized based on selective bonding of low molar mass additives with monomer units of one of the copolymer blocks, resulting from donor-acceptor hydrogen bonds. The microphase separation and morphology that results strongly depends on the additive properties and lability of the monomer-additive bond. Extraction of the additive with a selective solvent, results in a well-ordered array of nanowells. The approach is very fast, simple and robust. It allows the fabrication of well-ordered domains of wells ≈10nm in diameter.

Selected Scholarly Activity

out of 51 total, h-index 25

Hall-Edgefield, DL; Shi, T; Nguyen, K; Sidorenko, A. Hybrid Molecular Brushes with Chitosan Backbone: Facile Synthesis and Surface Grafting. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, (2015) DOI: 10.1021/am5051026

Chu, E; Sidorenko, A. Surface Reconstruction by a “Grafting Through” Approach: Polyacrylamide Grafted onto Chitosan Film. Langmuir (2013), 29, 12585−12592

Waknis, V; Chu, E; Schlam, R; Sidorenko, A; Badawy, S; Yin, S; Narang, AS. Molecular Basis of Crystal Morphology-Dependent Adhesion Behavior of Mefenamic Acid During Tableting. Pharmaceutical Research (2014), 31, 160-172

Daniel Hagaman, D; Gredzik, J; Peart, PA; McCaffery, JM; Tovar, JD; Sidorenko, A. Block copolymer supramolecular assembly using a precursor to a novel conjugated polymer. Polym. Chem. (2013), 4, 1482-1490

Hagaman, D; Enright, TP; Sidorenko, A. Block Copolymer Supramolecular Assembly beyond Hydrogen Bonding. Macromolecules (2012), 45, 275−282

Enright, TP; Hagaman, D; Kokoruz, M; Coleman, N; Sidorenko, A. Gradient and Patterned Polymer Brushes by Photoinitiated “Grafting Through” Approach. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym. Phys (2010), 48(14), 1616-1622.

Sidorenko, A; Krupenkin, T; Taylor, A; Fratzl, P; Aizenberg, J, "Reversible switching of hydrogel-actuated nanostructures into complex micropatterns", Science (2007) 315, 487-490. [Highlighted in: Materials Today 10(3), 13 (2007), March 2007 issue, and in Chemical & Engineering News 85(5), 10 (2007), January 29, 2007 issue.]

Zhitenev, NB; Sidorenko, A; Tennant, DM; Cirelli, RA, "Electronic conducting states and memory in polymer nanodevices", Nature Nanotechnology (2007) 2(4), 237-242.

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Tokarev, I; Krenek, R; Burkov, Y; Schmeisser, D; Sidorenko, A; Minko, S; Stamm, M, "Microphase separation in thin films of poly(styrene-block-4-vinylpyridine) copolymer-2-(4 '-hydroxybenzeneazo)benzoic acid assembly", Macromolecules (2005) 38, 507-516.

Sidorenko, A; Tokarev, I; Minko, S; Stamm, M, "Ordered reactive nanomembranes/ nanotemplates from thin films of block copolymer supramolecular assembly", Journal of the American Chemical Society (2003) 125, 12211-12216.

Sidorenko, A; Zhai, XW; Greco, A; Tsukruk, VV, "Hyperbranched polymer layers as multifunctional interfaces", Langmuir (2002) 18, 3408-3412.

Sidorenko, A; Houphouet-Boigny, C; Villavicencio, O; Hashemzadeh, M; McGrath, DV; Tsukruk, VV, "Photoresponsive Langmuir monolayers from azobenzene-containing dendrons", Langmuir (2000) 16, 10569-10572.

Sidorenko, A; Minko, S; Schenk-Meuser, K; Duschner, H; Stamm, M. Switching of polymer brushes. Langmuir (1999) 15, 8349-8355

Smirnov, BR; Minko, SS; Lusinov, IA; Sidorenko, AA; Stegno, EV; Ivanov, VV. Frontal radical polymerization in the presence of a polymeric inhibitor. Vysokomolekulyarnye Soedineniya Seriya A & Seriya B (1993) 35, B161

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