Career Opportunities in Health Psychology

The master's of science in health psychology is designed to prepare students for further graduate study at the doctoral level. Students who graduate from our program continue on to doctoral programs in clinical or experimental psychology, medical school, public health programs, or move to research setting and work as a research coordinator.

Health Psychology Career Outlook

Clinical health psychologists take the scientific knowledge obtained from research in health psychology and apply it to patients with physical and emotional illnesses. They are interested in preventing illness, in treating those who are ill, and in improving peoples' general physical and mental well-being. They are knowledgeable about the critical interrelationships between behavior, mental health, physical diseases, interpersonal relationships, the health care delivery system, and optimum health.

Clinical health psychologists work with patients to modify the effects of stress, lifestyle, and personality functioning in optimizing health and preventing and treating illness.

Career Services

From career counseling, to helping you develop networks with other alumni, to helping you make contacts in the pharmaceutical industry, we can help you advance and develop your career. For information and assistance, contact our Office of Career Services at 215.596.8735.