Healthcare Navigation

Healthcare Navigation Certificate

As America’s healthcare system grows more complex, patients and families often need help gaining access to care, managing paperwork, and coordinating services. Hospitals and clinics are seeking trained professionals capable of leading patients to answers. That’s where healthcare navigators come in.

The USciences Healthcare Navigation Certificate prepares you to succeed in this emerging field, which is expected to add nearly one million jobs by 2020.

Attending courses entirely online, you will learn how to access local, state, and national resources, empower patients, and become a liaison between each patient and his or her healthcare team.

Why USciences Should Be Your First Choice:

  • We offer unmatched flexibility, with three entry points, fall, spring and summer, and no restricted course sequence.  
  • You can complete the certificate program in less than one year through two traditional 15-week semesters.
  • You earn two credits per course for each of the four courses, which you can apply toward the completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science at USciences.
  • Video lectures, discussion boards, and other interactive tools allow you to engage with faculty who are recognized specialists in healthcare and science. 
  • USciences has been educating leaders in healthcare and science for close to 200 years.