Message from the Director

Karin Richards, MS
Karin Richards, MS, CWP, CWPC, NSCA, ACSM, ACE
Chair, Department of Kinesiology

The relatively new field of healthcare navigation touches every aspect of the care continuum, from screening and diagnosis through treatment and follow-up. As a healthcare navigator, you can play a critical role for patients and families each step of the way.

Your contributions will prove invaluable in a system that grows increasingly more complex. With the skills gained in the USciences Healthcare Navigation Certificate Program, you will have the power to reduce healthcare disparities and increase access to care for everyone, regardless of their location, financial limitations, or cultural backgrounds.

We’ll prepare you as only we know how, with a focus on preventative health measures and overall well-being and by combining research and practical application.

You’ll learn at your own pace online from revered experts in the health sciences. You’ll gain exposure to the latest tools used to enhance patient communication and manage wellness. 

You’ll become familiar with all the resources available to help patients with financial, legal, emotional, and other types of support. You’ll learn how to work with patients of diverse populations and varying health literacy levels. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to give patients and families the power to make the best choices.

There is no better place than USciences to get your start in this exciting field. We look forward to helping you reach your potential as a student and thrive as a professional healthcare navigator.