Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business MBA Program Options

The MBA in pharmaceutical and healthcare business at USciences allows you to customize your MBA experience to meet your specific needs. This includes:

MBA Program

The MBA Program allows you to set your own pace, taking evening or online courses at the University. You may complete the program in 24 months or take up to five years. The program is designed for students who plan to begin a career in pharmaceutical and healthcare business, as well as health care and pharmaceutical professionals who aspire to senior-level pharmaceutical management positions.

You will use various technologies within the program that can be used in the business environment.  This program sharpens your business knowledge and tools to help you bring additional value to employers.

As a student you will be exposed to industry professionals with the knowledge to aid you in your educational and professional objectives.  Courses offer students an opportunity to learn from those currently in the field.  While in the MBA program students may take advantage of travel study experiences and learn from industry professionals within another country. Students engage in group presentations, discussions, and utilize critical thinking skills that will provide them with the knowledge to perform both in the US and abroad.

MBA Online Program

The MBA Online Program attracts pharmaceutical and healthcare industry professionals in sales, marketing, manufacturing, or research & development who typically have four years of experience. More Info >

Post-Graduate Certificate Program

The Post-Graduate Certificate Program in pharmaceutical and healthcare business is designed for individuals with advanced degrees with professional experience working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

This certificate program prepares you with the industry-specific knowledge and skills to assist you in advancing your career and meeting the business objectives of your employers. You may earn this certificate over 12 months or take as long as four years. Classes can be chosen in either the evening or online format.  Click here to access the Gainful Employment Program Disclosure for this certificate.

Certificate includes:

  • Pharmaceutical Business
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Finance