Pharmacology & Toxicology Program Overview

The job market is fiercely competitive for pharmacologists and toxicologists. Professionals in these fields are finding that advanced degrees are essential for career growth in academia, government, and the pharmaceutical industry.

At University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, you can improve your marketability and career prospects with a master’s or doctoral degree in both fields.   

Double Duty

Pharmacology—the study of drugs and their actions on biological systems—has become an important discipline in health professions. Pharmacologists analyze drug actions at molecular, biochemical, cellular, and physiological levels.

Toxicology explores the adverse effects of chemical substances on living systems. Toxicologists draw on our expanding knowledge of biological and chemical phenomena to explain and predict these effects.

You’ll explore core courses in pharmacology and toxicology, as well as:   

  • Medical physiology
  • Statistics
  • Experimental design

Hands-On Research

Between your course work and laboratory rotation, you’ll become familiar with the research activities and expertise of our pharmacology and toxicology faculty. In fact, you will work directly with our faculty on groundbreaking research—both in vitro and in vivo—in a broad selection of areas.

You will have opportunities to communicate your research findings at local and national scientific gatherings. You will also join faculty in intramural seminars and a weekly Journal Club.