Pharmacy Administration Curriculum

For detailed course descriptions and other information about the curriculum, see the University Catalog.

Pharmacy Administration - Master of Science

Core Courses

ST710 Biostatistical Methods

3 credits

PA763 Special Topics in Pharmacy

1-4 credits

PA797 Research

1-3 credits

PA840 Health Economics (cross listed as PB840)

3 credits

Elective Courses

Must be approved by program director from the groups below:

  • BW 700- and WR 700-level biomedical writing courses
  • HP/HE 700- and 800-level health policy/public health courses
  • PA/PP 300- and 400-level pharmacy practice or pharmacy administration courses (no more than 6 credits)
  • PA 700- and 800-level pharmacy administration elective courses
  • PB 700- and 800-level pharmaceutical and healthcare business courses
  • ST 700-level statistics courses

Total Credits for MS:  30