Public Health Program Overview

The MPH program is not accepting applications.

Imagine shaping programs that improve health in your community and around the world. Imagine what you could do with a critical understanding of the balance between social, economic, and environmental systems. Envision yourself leading people in ways that improve their environments.

The Master of Public Health program enables and empowers you to realize your boldest ambitions.

From biostatistics and epidemiology to policy analysis and social sciences, our interdisciplinary curriculum covers the spectrum of public health topics. You’ll focus on developing solutions to some of our biggest health problems today. For example:

  • Increasing access to high-quality prevention programs
  • Tracking epidemics like H1N1 to their source
  • Evaluating and implementing community-based sustainability programs 
  • Creating educational campaigns to combat childhood obesity 
  • Advocating for improved health policies through both regulatory and legislative channels

You will gain diverse perspectives from your instructors, who bring to the classroom expertise in the health sciences, pharmaceuticals, education, statistics, and public policy. Our faculty members have a shared interest in community sustainability. They recognize that vibrant communities start with healthy individuals and include equitable and balanced social, economic, and environmental systems.

With their guidance, you can become a catalyst for positive change.