School Closing Policy

Please refer to the information below regarding the emergency closing of the university due to a severe storm or other catastrophe. Listed is the school closing numbers and other avenues of communication for information on closing.

  • KYW News Radio (1060) has assumed responsibility for coordination and management of the school closing program. School numbers will be announced twice an hour. The University's radio identifying (code) number is: 117 for regular day-time classes, and 2117 for all evening classes. You may also access the closings via the internet website at or by calling the KYW School Closing Line at 215.224.1060. School closings will be scrolled across the bottom of the television screen on CBS (channel 3) and will also be announced by name on WTXF-FOX TV (channel 29).
  • A taped message with regard to an emergency closing will also be available by calling the weather emergency number of the University — 215.596.8747 or the main number of the University 215.596.8800.
  • Emergency closing will also be posted on the home page of the USciences website (