Graduate Student Instructorships (GSIs)

The Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences may offer Graduate Student Instructorship (GSI) positions to full-time PhD students. For more information about GSI positions please contact your program director.

These departments hire highly qualified, matriculated, full-time PhD students to assist in teaching and grading. GSIs are expected to provide 17 hours per week of service to the University, usually as an instructor, plus other ancillary duties, such as proctoring, as needed. GSIs are assigned their teaching duties by either their program director or department Chair. GSIs are required to participate in all teaching assistant training sessions sponsored by the departments, the Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, and the Teaching and Learning Center.

GSI Stipend and Tuition Scholarship

GSIs are awarded a stipend and a tuition scholarship on a semester-to-semester basis with the usual contract lasting a full academic year.


Most GSIs initially begin their studies during the fall semester and would usually receive an initial contract for the fall and spring semesters. New contracts are usually awarded during the new fiscal year, which would start with the summer session beginning in May. The amount of the stipend is based on each student’s year in the program and is considered to be taxable as it is a fee for service.

Tuition Scholarships

The tuition scholarship covers up to 9 credits per semester of courses directly related to the GSI’s PhD program. GSIs are financially responsible for the tuition for any courses that exceed the 9 credit maximum each semester or that are not directly related to their PhD program.