Funding Sources

The University offers a broad program of funding for graduate students.

Sources of funding may include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to apply for institutional support?

No, there is not a separate application to receive institutional funding as a graduate student. The University will notify you of any institutional aid for which you qualify. Please note that institutional aid is separate from financial aid.

When will I know if I am receiving institutional support?

Students receiving institutional support should hear from their program typically within one month of receiving their admission offer. Please note that not every graduate program offers GA positions to first semester students. Check with your Program Director to confirm eligibility. Students who receive the Kathleen Mayes Graduate Fellowship will be notified upon admission to the University.

What if I do not receive any funding?

If a student is not selected for institutional funding in the first year, they may be considered for the next year based on the funding the program has available. PhD students who are not provided with Graduate Student Instructor funding upon matriculating into their program may be considered for Graduate Assistant funding.

Students are encouraged to inquire about the work that Graduate Assistants perform in their department and to let their Program Director know they are interested in this position.